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Welcome to Square Property & Management Limited

Square Property & Management Limited is an established company and based in London. The company was born out of the ambitions of its founders who realised their combined knowledge and experience would position them uniquely in an environment where most of the potential competitors would fall short. We are not just a faceless global company who are happy to list any property often without any real support or advice.

We are a London-based company, we have a great understanding of the London property market from a residential sales & lettings, surveying, legal and accounting perspective and our combined enthusiasm for the industry as a whole ensures that we have a product that will deliver. Our confidence is founded on the several years of successes, achievements, growth and experiences of the residential and commercial property industry, hospitality, marketing and short term rentals via location agencies. Through this we have a real understanding of what our owners expect from an agency and we offer this all at a competitive rate lower than all of our rivals.